Sunday, January 01, 2012

Walking through the first day of a new year

I have one crutch in my house and the other in my car. I used neither today.

Felt good to walk into church today under my own power without something to lean on. And I also walked around the sanctuary a couple of times as well. I'm not ready to run any marathons, but then again, I never was ready in the past either.

It's been a long two plus months, but I got to learn quite a bit.

First, my coworkers are a very considerate group of people. Way more often than not, they would put aside what they were doing and do things such as hold doors open for me. If I would have asked, they would have done more for me.

I also learned that all handicapped parking spaces are not necessarily closest to where you need to go. I attended the winter concert performance of the Rittman band this past month as I wanted to say hi to many of the students and their parents. I got off work that day at 6, had to pick up a prescription at the store, then went to the school. The only parking spaces available were the handicapped spaces available on the side of the school, but nowhere near close to the door where I was to go in. But it was a good concert and the walk was worth it.

I've also gotten pretty good at using the electric carts that the major stores have available. I've been able to negotiate tight corners and close aisles. I also am able to back them into the spaces I got them from and plug them back in for the next person who needs them.

I have written previously about the misuse of handicapped spots, by those taking the spaces when others need them more than they would. A beef I have always had about the way people regard these spaces is that they sometimes use the lined spaces next to them as cart returns, not realizing some people need the area to get out of their cars.

I still have quite a bit of rehabbing to do and my goal is to be riding my bicycle again in the spring. In about a month, two of the 9 screws will be removed from my ankle, freeing up the leg somewhat. Hopefully the ground will be much firmer this year and I wont be slipping around.

And since before the break I had lost over 30 pounds, I hope to continue this trend in the coming year. Having to get a couple of insulin shots before surgery was very much a wake up call. And there was some concern in the back of my mind that healing would be a very slow process. Yeah, I need to take much better care of myself.


Mike Golch said...

I'm glad you are doing better.I need to get back on the weight loss wagon my self.

Ben said...

I guess you can never appreciate things like this until you are "walking a mile in their shoes". Glad to hear you are on the mend, though. Happy New year to you and your family!

Michelle said...

Wishing you a healthy new year, Cliff. :-)

Ms Hen said...

hugs about the surgery.. hugs.. galore.

YEKIMI said...

Time for me to lose some weight also. I noticed when I climbed into the tub to take a bath, the water in the toilet rises.