Sunday, January 08, 2012

Up, Down, or Sideways- A book review and some thoughts

While I was home with my broken leg, a book arrived in the mail called "Up, Down, or Sideways." The author, Mark Sanborn gives advice on how to succeed when things are going good, bad or in between.

Sanborn starts out by telling how things were going three years ago. His speaking engagements were fewer, his investments were decreasing, and he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  During this time, Mark looked within and around and remained proactive to rise above his circumstances.

Mark Sanborn is a leadership expert and "Up, Down, or Sideways" is a how to book on taking leadership in your life, helping you ride the waves, no matter how high or how low.

I got this book during a time when things were very down for me. I had taken a cut in pay, primarily because when things were going sideways, I became too complacent. Immediately after the pay cut, I went into a downward spiral. I felt like the lowest form of life, a loser. I started looking for ways to regain what I lost. And when things were looking like they would be going up, I went and broke 2 bones in my legs.  But I'm back on my feet, and things are starting to look up for me. I need to keep an attitude of success while realizing that there will be adjustments to be made.

Mark tells how to make the necessary adjustments dependent on the direction you happen to be going. A great attitude is a great way to go, but one also needs to approach life with a cautious optimism.

As I was reading the book, I got to thinking about those whom I have made friends with through the radio chat boards and how they flourished during their time. Many of them knew when it was time to leave radio and television and move on to different fields, knowing full their "15 minutes of fame" were up. Cliff Note: Most had well more than 15 minutes, but you know what I mean. these folks know that their continuing success wasn't dependent on their time behind the microphone or in front of the cameras. As a matter of fact, if Mark Sanborn could write a book for my particular region, I could give him some names of people to interview who others measured their success as their time on the airwaves, but they themselves measure it as the time they now  can spend with their family.

It's been said that you learn more when you are in the valley than up on the mountain. "Up, Down, or Sideways" outlines how to get the most out of whatever situation you are in.

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