Saturday, February 18, 2012

Flags at half staff? For a singer?

Now I know this post may get some negative comments. I got one the time I questioned a congressional moment of silence for Michael Jackson.

I hear that flags in New Jersey are flying at half staff in honor of Whitney Houston.


I understand that in her day she was a talented singer and actress. I understand that she worked on overcoming quite a bit of personal tragedy. BUT....

She was a SINGER and ACTRESS. Whitney Houston didn't discover a cure for a deadly disease. She wasn't a leader of social reform. She wasn't a great military leader. She wasn't a political leader.

I really don't get all this hero worship. I don't think British performers of any arts should be knighted and refuse to refer to folks such as Paul McCartney or Elton John as "sir".

Let's get real here. Bach and Mozart's works, for the most part, weren't fully appreciated until long after they died. No flags were flying at half staff to mark their passing.

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See above post for my comment on this (I put it in the wrong place)