Thursday, February 09, 2012

I'm Sorry

To those who check in on my writings, I need to apologize for being away for now over a month. I'm amazed that I still get over 15 hits a day. I would say that I suck as a blogger, but that would be only a cop out.

To those not on Facebook, I appreciate you coming around checking on my writing.

I could over-analyze why I haven't written, but only thing that would accomplish is killing some time, Killing time is murder, not suicide.

Update on my ankle: Next Wednesday, I will be going in for some outpatient work, as 2 of the 9 screws in my ankle will be removed and the tendon will be freed.

Update on my weight: Since last spring, I have lost around 35 pounds, was able to maintain since breaking the ankle.

Please leave me a message, and I hope to be back blogging sooner than later.


Amel said...

GREAT job on the weight loss and glad to know about your ankle...hope it doesn't hurt later on after the screws are all taken out...Take care, Cliff!

Syd said...

Glad that you are doing well. Keep up the great work with weight loss!

Michelle said...

Can I leave a hug instead? They're non-fattening. ;-)