Thursday, March 08, 2012

Self Esteem Issues

In the past 5-1/2 years since I began blogging, I have encountered many people with their share of of esteem issues. And I'm sure those of my friends who write recovery blogs have documented their own.

One of the descriptions of myself that I have had to promise myself I would quit using is when I have referred to myself as "the fat kid from the other side of the tracks." To be honest, I used to think this would get me some points. At least one of my friends called me out on it.

Problem is sometimes overweight people serve as comedic foils for other people dealing with their own self esteem issues. And as a Christian, I think this sort of behavior is as wrong as slandering your fellow man. Really serves no useful purpose.

Food is too often used as a recreational drug. Can give you a false sense of satisfaction when you are dealing with feelings of guilt or when someone causes you hurt. When I was growing up, I used to take out many of my frustrations on my stomach. Of course being a minor, that was the only legal way to handle it. Combine this with being a faithful follower of TV Guide, this was the perfect recipe for obesity. I wonder how many other have followed this non plan through the years.

Cliff Note: The last four sentences of this post was deleted as upon further review, they really had nothing to do with the spirit of the original idea behind this post. The only thing I do want to say is that if I offended any recovery bloggers who read my blog, I am truly sorry.

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Syd said...

Cliff, have you tried OA--overeaters anonymous--or even EA--emotions anonymous. I know people who do those 12 step programs and find them enormously helpful. There are probably meetings in your area.