Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Adventures in Limerick Land, NASCAR Style

As many of you know, there are times when I wax poetic and I can keep the rhymes coming. Always best when I'm near my keyboard. This past Sunday, NASCAR raced at Martinsville. I was in my car when the race started. During the pre race show, it was said that Hendrick Motorsports were going for their 200th win. Their first came at Martinsville. The favorite going into this race was five time Sprint Cup champ Jimmie Johnson. I thought of this limerick to post on Facebook if this has come to fruition:

The forty eight driven by Jimmie
The car did not shake or shimmy
Great calls by Knauss
Brought a win to the house
And the grandfather clock was a gimmie

Needless to say, this is the first time I made this one public. And the grandfather clock is the trophy given to the winner at Martinsville.

As the race was progressing, I started to post some limericks on Facebook. Jeff Gordon was dominating the race early. I wrote this limerick:
Jeff Gordon is leading the pack
While driving around the short track
If it keeps up, he's in
Hendrick's 200th win
He'll get a clock instead of a plaque

 And yes, Jeff is a Hendrick driver. As the race progressed, Kasey Kahne was having some trouble. Kahne started on the pole:
Kasey has started to choke
His car has belched out some smoke
The car's in the pits
His points taking hits
A very poor April Fool's joke

 Oh oh, as the Fox announcer said, if it weren't for bad luck, Kasey would have no luck.

Fan favorite, Dale Earnhardt Jr, had momentarily taken the lead, and the crowd roared.
Junior was hearing the crowd
They were cheering for him real loud
Passing Jeff for the lead
And picking up speed
However not left in a cloud

And others were making the show interesting. Columbian driver Juan Pablo Montoya and Ken Schraeder met on the track, sending Montoya into the inside wall: .
Montoya was riding real clean
Until he met Schraeder's machine
He went for a ride
Hit something inside
Sometimes the fate can be mean

And Carl Edwards got into the spirit of April Fool's day, telling crew chief Bob Osbourne something was wrong with his transmission, then saying it was a joke.
Old Carl said something was wrong
Sang Osbourne a nasty sad song
Said the tranny was broke
Then said was a joke
Bob's palipatitiations were long

The race itself, seemed to be in the hands of Johnson or Gordon. I posted this one with 100 laps to go:
With less than 100 to go
The driving is quite a good show
I now have a hunch
That one of Rick's bunch
Will set victory lane all aglow

And this one was also posted: But things don't proceed as expected.
Jimmie and Jeff's in slot one and slot two
Both know what they need to do
They need to race clean
And not to be mean
To the pedal apply some more shoe

But gas was running low with the front runners:
The Hendrick cars needing some gas
They're hoping that no one will pass
They're hoping no shock
Will lose them the clock
And losing they will have to show class

And a late race caution brought this meeting between Gordon, Johnson, and Clint Bowyer:
Jimmie is singing this song
Asking what the hell went wrong
Bowyer sent him and Jeff in
They went for a spin
Felt like a big bang on the gong

And this opened the door for Ryan Newman.
Ryan is now feeling fine
His car, the thirty nine
He drove like a ringer
And beat Allmendinger
And doesn't have need to whine

 Made for an enjoyable Sunday afternoon