Saturday, April 21, 2012

Are You a Starving Artist?

Many folks reading these words are bloggers. We do like to check what one another are writing. I have had people telling me that I should write a book. I do have about 4 books inside me. What I need to do is convert much of my stuff to my word processor, then to adobe file, then to the hands or computers or e-readers of those who want to read my words.

I post quite a bit of examples of my talent online. Have I ever profited from this? Can't say that I have. I recently reached the conclusion that I am a starving artist. I realized this after having a conversation with a new coworker. This young lady has music available on iTunes, has acted in plays, and writes in a journal. However, being a young single mom of 2, she realizes that she does need to put food on the table. I can see her going far in life, as she has the gift of encouragement and knows how to effectively apply it on those around her. When she told me about all her talents, I replied that she knows all about the "starving artist" thing. I had to apologize to her because I later recognized the fact that she is working on using her talents. Some don't even go that far, most of the time because they fear the negative influence of those around them.

Sometimes we never even put our irons in the fire, causing not to even temper the steel of our talents. There are times we have to arise to any challenge we can give ourselves.

Earlier this week, I was watching my grandson. I had to gas up my car. On the way, we stopped for breakfast at Chick Fil A. My grandson decided he wanted to go in the play area, where he met up with two other boys. I struck up a conversation with the mother of one of the boys. I had asked her what she had done before becoming a mother. Her answer was she designed kitchens. I then asked her if she was going to return to this line of work when her boys got older, and her answer was that she wanted to write instead. I had told her about Dan Miller and showed her the 48 Days app on my phone. She immediately went to the Android store on her phone and downloaded the app. Cliff Note: the app is also available on iTunes as well.

It occurred to me that writing is something I will be able to do when I reach retirement age within the next 10 years. I may be a starving artist, but I will continue to starve if I keep my art inside me.


cathouse teri said...

Writing isn't exactly easy to make into a profitable career. She may have to go back to designing kitchens as well... while she writes.

74WIXYgrad said...

I think that people have to be diverse in their talents. And writing isn't something the majority can make a living with. One of the people I have friended along the way is a prominent sportswriter here in Northeast Ohio. He has also written many books, some about sports and others about faith based topics. He will be the first to tell you that writing is not a ticket on the gravy train. But writing can be one of several streams of income, and if you enjoy what you write, the income will be easy. Problem is finding someone who will buy your work. But you have to peddle your work to find someone to buy it.