Sunday, April 08, 2012

You've come to a bridge, now what?

I have been thinking about this this weekend. What have you done with the bridges in your life? There are several things that you can do.

You can burn them. Many of us have done that, whether we realize it or not. We also have to suffer the consequences of the arson job. Two years ago when I was out of a job, a couple of things I did in the past stood in my way of getting employment sooner than the nine plus months in which I was out of work. Many others have done things to affect their relationships with friends and family. Sometimes the bridge can be rebuilt, other times not so much. Be careful with these bridges.

You can camp under them. Too often we hear about the homeless living by the river under a bridge. Too many people and programs nowadays offer a hand out, and too few offer a hand up. You don't have to be physically there to be there. Sometimes wallowing in self pity is the same as camping under this bridge. I've always been told that God helps those who help themselves. I think that even though this isn't in the Bible, it is a truism. Sometimes those who need help also need some direction, especially how to get away from this bridge.

Some jump off them. Some of my high school friends who will read this post after I put the link in Facebook remember Mr. McCormick. He was a math teacher at our school. His first year out of college and teaching was my senior year. He was very intelligent, but was the target of much ridicule and meanness from the students. The year following our graduation, Mr. McCormick was also having other problems in his life, including his fiance leaving him. One day he called off from work sick, drove to Akron, and jumped off a high level bridge.  This past year, one of our classmates, after dealing with alcoholism, shot himself.
Several others reading these words remember our blogging friend, Liquid. Dealing with some emotional issues and a failed marriage, Suzanne took her life on Christmas Eve, 2008.
Please, please, please stay away from this bridge. There are those who care. Ask for help until you get it. Jumping off this bridge affects more than you.

Many cross the bridge and go on. And some come back to tell what's on the other side, maybe help others get to the other side. We are all in this together. Some go further away from the bridge than others, but that's okay.

What will you do when you come to your bridge?

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Syd said...

Beautiful post, Cliff. I am sorry for those who decided to end life rather than reach for a hand to help them along. Great sentiment to share today.