Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another Job Lost in Time

Cliff Note: I'm taking a break from my usual Facebook activities this week. I'm not expecting a heck of a whole lot of traffic to this post since I won't be posting this link anywhere. So while I deal with FB withdrawal, I may be concentrating on my blogging this week. But I do feel my blogging audience are a real good bunch of people.

Anyway, I was driving through my small town this morning. A sight I saw, and this wasn't the first time it caught my eye, got me to thinking. My thought was what jobs have gone through a natural attrition? The sight that made me think that was the empty store front where the TV repair shop used to be. Yes, hoe many remember not being able to watch TV because their sets were in the shop? How many remember before the TV brecame solid state, and a repair would just involve changing a tube?

The independent TV repairman has, for a while, been a dying breed. Towards the end of the analog era, TV's had gotten cheap. And TV's also became disposable. And now with the new digital and HD televisions, there are no serviceable parts on the inside.

I noticed this after I filled up at a full service gas station. And I only filled up there because the self serve pumps across the street were 10 cents a gallon more.

I'd go bowling, but I can't find a bowling alley that employs pin boys...