Wednesday, May 02, 2012

What a difference time makes....

Two years ago, in May, 2010, I was unemployed. I didn't know if I would ever find employment. I was told by someone as I was going around with my resume that "the white stuff on top of my head" would prevent me from getting a job.

To keep my spirits up, I started posting a daily video on Facebook, calling it "The Morning Show." That became a hit with my family and friends. also encouraged a friend to post a daily video, calling it "Second Edition." A month later, I started posting my "Question of the Day." Became popular in time, but also became polarizing to some. Also proved I would stink as a talk show host. Though friends and family told me that my talents could translate in a radio job, I knew better. I have had those in broadcasting tell me that it makes a great hobby and a lousy career. I decided that this would remain a great hobby. I remained unemployed.

During this time, I also helped plan a class reunion. One of my classmates from out of town, pulled me aside and gave me a card with a very generous amount of money inside. though we have had some differences since then, I still am grateful for that.

Early in the fall of 2010, I finally found a job. Not what I had been doing, but utilizes my talents. Some decent benefits as well.

After 18 months on the job, I was honored, and humbled, this week by being awarded employee of the month. My feelings about this are that I got this as a result of being part of the best program at my place of employment, and having some of the best coworkers around. Also the result of a few supervisors working hard to help develop my skills. I realize that can be harder when you are working with someone who is over 50 years old. I also realize that many newer employees will be looking up to me and that as a result, I will have to step up my job performance. I also had realized that when I was told that my calls were among those being played for training purposes.

Yes, in these days, big brother is watching...Also little brother. Big and little sister as well. But it's all good.


Amel said...

CONGRATULATIONS on getting the award, Cliff! I remember those days in your blog...Praise the Lord! :-D

Michelle said...

congrats on the award.