Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Love of Money

Is the root of all evil. This is more than evident when it comes to legalized gambling.

The Horseshoe casino will be soon opening in Cleveland. One thing this will mean is the rate of bankruptcies in northeast Ohio will be on the increase. Also means the pawn shops will see increased business.

But people see legalized gambling as the road to easy street and look for any vehicle to get them there. In some cases, this includes fraud.

Several years ago, Ohio got their first Mega Millions winner. The jackpot was 165 million. The winning ticket was sold at a convenience store in an eastern suburb of Cleveland. The holder of the winning ticket had not come forward when someone else said they had bought the winning ticket, but dropped it in the parking lot of the convenience store. This caused a crowd of people to converge on the store to search the parking lot, trash receptacles, and dumpster, for the elusive ticket. The holder finally come forward with an unsoiled ticket which showed no evidence of being dropped in a parking lot on a winter day.

The person who claimed to purchase the ticket confessed to trying to defraud the lottery commission, saying she wanted the money to help others, including the police. WTAM talk show host, Mike Trivisonno, said he admired this lady for what she had done and that if he had a million dollars, he would get naked and roll around in it.

This memory was sparked by the recent story about the million dollar winning ticket which was recovered from the trash in a convenience store in Arkansas. The alleged buyer of the ticket claimed that she checked the ticket against the scanner, which said it wasn't a winner. The ticket was then disposed of. The redeemer of the ticket recovered it from the trash. The person who claimed they bought the ticket and the convenience store went to court over this. The judge ordered the holder of the winning ticket to surrender the winnings. I'm sure the story will be continued.

Biggest winners will be the attorneys.

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