Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Catching Up

It's been awhile since all my non Facebook have heard from me. So since I have a few extra minutes waiting for a doctor's appointment to end, I thought I would give my index finger a workout while starting this post on my iPhone. I will edit when I get back home on my laptop to make sure my auto correct didn't do any incorrect thinking for me.

First, a follow up on a previous post. Late last summer, I wrote a post about Bonnie, a Walmart cashier. Her general attitude and smile made me want to go through her line whenever possible. I had seen her in attendance at the Rittman football games. After halftime of the second game, I approached her. I told Bonnie that I thought she had looked familiar. Turns out that she has been a band mom for several years. Bonnie had not realized that I was the Rittman band announcer. She now  introduces me to her coworkers at Walmart as the best band announcer around. Just more of a reminder to be nice to those you meet. You never know when and where you will see them again. Cliff note: One of the trolls that has this obsession with me states on a forum that I harass Walmart employees. If saying "Have a great day, and thank you for working at Walmart" is harassment, then I'm guilty as charged.

New name for poetry blog: For the past few months, I've been writing at least one poem a day on my Facebook page. These are usually in the form of a limerick. In November, I took to writing limericks about my coworkers and it was about this time I came up with the term, "Random Act of Poetry." And as of February 3, the blog formally known as "Whattville is on the Other Side of the Tracks" has become known as "Random Acts of Poetry." Some of my work on Facebook will turn up there as well as exclusive content.

Hopefully I will be back here with other original content.

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