Friday, April 02, 2010

Let Your Conscience be your Guide

And today the name of my conscience was Beth.

Yes, I admit I've been having some good feelings after seeing photos of some I went to high school with. Especially considering that some have caught up with me in the weight department and others have surpassed. Many of the guys have surpassed me in regards to the size of their foreheads. In some cases I think that some higher power has worked on my behalf.

Leave it to Beth to bring some perspective to the table.

I was reveling in my role as Grampa early this afternoon and had all three of my grandkids with me as I took them in to the store for fountain drinks. I introduced them to Beth. Ben, the oldest couldn't believe that Beth and I graduated the same year. Well either that or he couldn't believe there was anything other than a one room schoolhouse back then.

I told Beth about all my new Facebook friends and some of the photos I saw and why I felt good about some of that. One of the folks I saw was my best friend one day and my worst enemy the next. Beth explained that this is the way teenagers are-then and now.

You know, I hate it when someone tells me something like that as a gentle rebuke. But I hate it more when they're right. That's why Beth had so many friends in school.

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Mike Golch said...

Yep,I have had those moments as well.It is nice that some onlse can ground us when we need it.