Sunday, April 18, 2010

No news is good news?

I was reading the publisher's notes in this week's edition of The Post. Bruce Trogdon was musing about what the reaction will be for their publishing a story about the TEA Party rally in Medina this past Thursday. He feared the liberals would fill inbox's of Post staff because of the coverage in some of the editions and feared conservatives would do the same because the story wasn't run in other editions, due to deadlines.

I have to agree with Bruce on one thing: The story was run because it was news. If the Ku Klux Klan held a rally in a community covered by the paper, it would have been run for the same reason. Problem with many people nowadays is they think everything happening is a conspiracy.

He also mentioned that people complain because of the political slant of letters to the editor. Bruce went on to explain that the letters get published in proportion to the percentage of views. I read some of the letters, some have good points(whether they are conservative or liberal) and others are redundant. My opinion is some write letters because nobody at home will listen to them. Cliff Note:Kind of hard to take someone seriously when they are wearing foil hats.

I'm sure that the politicians and talk show hosts do not lose any sleep over letters to the editor, though I wish they would every once in awhile. As I noted in the previous paragraph, some people have very valid points and I wish their congressional office would take the time to read some of them.

And as far as writing about any rally, whether I agree with their views or not, I still believe in freedom of the press.


clean and crazy said...

you are such a blessing to read. you made your point without picking a side, i find that impossible to do, though i am no journalist, and neither are some of the raving lunatics out there.

i wish news would go back to being news, not one sided or propaganda.

today i try to have a sense of humor about it, though my political views are that of liberal, i think that the only real news, unbiased, i get today is from jon stewart and stephen colbert!! and they are on comedy central!! at least today i can learn to let go, though being a strong dem in kansas may get my tires slashed. i have the bumper sticker that says, i support the president on it, the current one, i know right now that is not popular and in a red state, i am liable to get run off the road for it!!

why can't we all just be, you know. but i refuse to be terrorized by the community at large and i don't go out there and scream my views at people, but my car does.. so i am prepared for any backlash, i guess.

anyway thank you for writing such a beautiful piece here, and though sometimes that first amendment bites us in the butt, thanks to the likes of fred phelps, i am grateful for the freedom there is always good and bad in everything, well it is late and i have dishes to do. hope all is well with you, we got our garden started this last week and bought a used rototiller, my oldest lettered in JROTC and was the bell of her Military Ball. and my girls are just growing like weeds, 2 weeds, literally.

Margaret said...

That's a great theory- Some write letters because no one at home will listen to them. That's good!

Seems like lots of people are out to look for the slant or the conspiracy when there really isn't one.