Sunday, April 04, 2010

Too much sugar........

As a diabetic, I know the dangers of too much sugar inside me. And after raising 3-1/2 kids and now having three grandkids, I know that too much sugar ON you can't be a good thing either, especially on a big candy holiday.

We had the grandchildren over today and had them all an Easter basket apiece, along with some extra candy. In the past several years, one of the biggest faves here at the WIXYranch are Peeps.

As I was getting redy to take the little ones home, I had put all the baskets and candy in the front seat. All three had asked for some peeps. I sent the packages to the oldest two, but only sent two peeps to Silas, the youngest.

What I didn't know as I was driving, Silas had gotten hold of some of his sister's peeps, then fell asleep. When I finally got them home, I got oiut of the car, looked into the back seat, and saw, what looked like pink and white gloves on Silas' hand.

Silas is one who loves a good photo op, and he loved it when I got out the WIXY-at&tVideoPhonecam(tm). His mother loved it too. but I'm not allowed to get him peeps again anytime soon.

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter.


Busy Bee Suz said...

How funny. Peeps could trademark that!!!

clean and crazy said...

that is awesome!! we put the peeps on top of cupcakes this year!!

Margaret said...

That is so cute! Bet he could swim better with those "webbed" hands!

Syd said...

What a mess! I'm glad that we had our marshmallows on the beach by a fire.

Emma said...

The worst part was as I was busy with the other two and he went to clean himself. Instead of soap and water, the lil chap decided toilet paper was the best option. Poor kid comes back outside looking quite mummy-like.

But, it all came out easily enough :)

And, no, no more peeps this year and especially, no unsupervised peeps.