Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Extra Mile Begins with a Single Step

It's a rarity nowadays for me to write posts on successive days. But  I was asked to write my thoughts on an article written in 1937 by Napoleon Hill. Cliff, of Views From Sandhausen fame, posted his views on his site.

There are many people who feel like prisoners in their daily situations. Because of these feelings, they only want to do the minimum of what's required of them, all the while wondering why others seem to get all the breaks, maybe wishing to make the sojourn into the land of plenty.

Russell Conwell's book, Acres of Diamonds tells of a man in Africa who wished to find his fortune in diamonds. He sold his farm and searched the African continent for the elusive jewels. When he ran out of money, he decided to take his life, despondent about his inability to find diamonds. Meanwhile, the person who bought his land discovered diamonds lining his creek bed. This discovery turned out to be one of the largest diamond mines in Africa. The first man could have had his fortune free and clear, all he needed to do was some research and a little digging. He only needed to go the extra mile on his own farm.

Back to Napoleon Hill. His paper details some of the benefits of "going the extra mile." Some would consider making sure the boss's pencil was sharp to be butt kissing and beneath their dignity. But what harm can a little kindness do? Try to find things to help you bloom where you're planted and maybe you will get to be where you can bloom brighter.

Click here to go to Napoleon Hill's paper on "The Habits of Going the Extra Mile." Keith Ready has made it available on his site. And yes Keith, I am a different Cliff Feightner.

Click here for a video of Napoleon Hill lecturing on Going the Extra Mile.

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Michelle said...

Nice one, Cliff.

I'm trying to stay away from Facebook. Since I started there I've not only stopped blog posting regularly - I've stopped reading blogs totally!

Then one morning I realised I had no idea how anyone was, beyond the quick "status update" kind of thing.

I miss real news about my online friends. :-( So... I'm going back to blogging. I'll keep FB open, but I'm not going there more than maybe once a week.