Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Week That Was..Fly Away Alll You Buzzards!

This week started out on a very good note. At church our pastor had preached on Genesis 15 where Abram was promised a blessing from God.  Abram was instructed to set out a sacrifice, but had to chase away buzzards which gathered around the sacrifice. We felt real good and blessed as we left church. We also claimed the promise that there were better days ahead.

Then the buzzards started coming.

First on the way home from church Sunday we get a call from our daughter. She had hurt her back and couldn't get up off the couch. I had to go get her kids and bring them to my house. On the way there, getting on the interstate, my car spun out and I "kissed" the guard rail. I straightened out the car, then pulled over to check to see if there was any damage. No visible damage, so I moved on and got the grandkids.

Kids back at my house with no further incident. One buzzard chased away.

Rufus in happier times.
Monday while at work I get this text from my wife along with a voice mail message. My disabled sister was walking our dog when he was attack by a larger dog which was running free. Rufus was severely attacked and at first was thought to have a broken leg from the attack. A neighbor helped take him to the vet and also paid towards the vet bill.  A police report was filed, but Barney Fife informed my wife that we had little recourse since nobody came forward and said they saw the attack. As of this writing, Rufus is still at the vet clinic, as his wounds continue to drain.

Fast forward to Thursday. I was going to work early since I had my first band show of the season to announce. I was about 2 miles from work when my rear tire blew. And the spare was flat...And when I got towed to the garage to get a new tire I found that my rim was damaged and the spare rim was scrap.
Guess who didn't make it into work? Thank goodness I have time to cover that and a flexible schedule. When I finally got towed to the garage, I found I needed both rear tires and the rim that was on the tire and the rim of the spare was also scrap.

Good news is that I did make it to the band show. Click here to see the Rittman Band Performance. There will be a "From the Pressbox" Post forthcoming.

Friday I went into work early to try to recoup some time. I was also leaving early as my son and I were going to Promise Keepers, who was in Akron this past weekend. I couldn't get Saturday off, so we were just takin in the Friday night session...Or so we thought. I got home, changed my clothes, and was going to get my son when I heard this very bad noise and had very little brake pedal. I later found out that my brake cylinder had blown and needed new front brakes. So...No promise Keepers and I had to find a way into work Saturday. Luckily, I have a mechanic friend who did the work for me for a nominal fee. Parts cost me about 190 dollars.

I know...Sucks being me this past week...GET AWAY ALL YOU BUZZARDS!!!


Margaret said...

Here's hoping that all your buzzards have moved on. You had quite a flock last week!

Syd said...

Not been by in a while. I hope the little beagle is okay. And that there are no more buzzards.

Ben said...

Well, that's last week, and I hope things have moved on in a positive way. Enough buzzards for a while (why am I thinking of a certain Cleveland rock-oriented radio station?) Sounds like a good time to heed that frog over there on the right, huh?