Wednesday, August 03, 2011

A radio station? On a farm?

 Let's go back to a time where things were a little less stressful in my life...

It was 1965, and my family was living in Breiningsville, Pennsylvania. My dad had been transferred there from his job in Cleveland. We lived there a total of 14 months as my dad also lost his job at that time.

Anyway, I was in the third grade at Fogelsville Elementary school. It was the last year for the building we were going to school in, as the finishing touches were put on the new building. The one I attended was located across the street from the dynamite factory and we would hear testing every now and then. It was also the school year I decided that I hated school.

The third grade was the first year that I would have to do homework. I hated homework then, I hated it all the way through the 12th grade. 46 years later, I wish I would have learned to like it or at least tolerate it. Cliff Note: To the teachers who read this blog, I apologize.

I never have let the things I needed to do get in the way of my enjoyment of modern technology and in 1965, television was still in it's infancy and someone had to supervise this baby. I volunteered for this duty, much to Miss Acker's chagrin. But there were some projects I embraced in my own twisted way.

Miss Acker had us all design a building out of household items, small boxes mainly. Our buildings would go either in a town setting or a farm setting. Some designed office buildings, some stores, some barns. To show I had this passion to communicate, I designed a replica of a building I saw twice-radio station WKAP. I remember the jingle well "WKAP, in the Lehigh Valley." This was complete with the tower. Cliff Note: Even at the ripe old age of 9, I was a radio geek.

Even though WKAP was licensed to Allentown, Miss Acker would not put my radio station in the city project, and questioned whether it belonged on the farm. but it ended up with the barns.

Poor Miss Acker. She meant well, but I still didn't like her....


Michelle said...

wonderful memory Cliff

WZZP said...

I think the station would have made a great neighbor of Red Barn it one had to put both on a farm setting, and not a town setting. What Hungry have to say about that?