Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sometimes we forget.....

1971 Highland High School football team. I am in the middle of the second to last row.
The other day I had a message on my Facebook wall. The post was from a high school friend, John, who was tagged in a photo I posted of the 1971 Highland football team and John was one of the captains of the team. John wanted to send it to one of his high school friends, Bill, who was also on the team. John and Bill graduated 2 years ahead of me. I graduated with Bill's brother, Mark.

Anyway some of us folks in our mid to late fifties haven't grasped the concept of attaching photos to our emails and John needed my assistance. So John wrote a message on my wall, giving me Bill's email address. So I wrote Bill an email, explaining why I was sending the photo. Here was Bill's reply:

Thank you very much for the email and photo.  I will call John and thank him as well.  Also, I read some of your articles on some seek first and I was really excited to see that God has been working in and through your life.  Your encouragement of others to overcome minor differences Believers may have was great and shows Christ's love.

I don't remember you much from Highland at this point, but I will remember more later.

God Bless you and your family,

Bill -----"

Whereas I was glad to get the reply, I was also embarrassed as I haven't wrote a post on Seek Him First, my faith based blog in about 18 months. Sometimes I think about deleting one of my blogs, but this reminds me that there are some out there who enjoy reading about what God has done in other folks lives. 

We sometimes take for granted that God has given us the ability to read and write and makes it possible for us to access the internet in a way in which we can touch others. 
I know this blog is read by others that come here just by chance and also by others who might know people whom I have written about. That was driven home big time 3 years ago when I spent two weeks writing about my brother after he passed away.

And believe me, I am not ashamed of Christ. I should write more about what He has done in my life...

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