Monday, February 22, 2010

Hockey time again.

This post contains some followup of a local flavor and a correction.

First the correction: It was the gold medal game against Finland where USA goalie Jim Craig was looking for his dad with the flag draped over his shoulders. Sometimes after 30 years, memories run together.

Now back to Friday, February 22, 1980. Since cable television was pretty much in it's infancy, there were many events of the Winter Olympics that were shown on tape delay. The hockey match between the USA and USSR began in late afternoon. I recall watching the 6:00 local news on the Cleveland ABC affiliate, WEWS. During the sports segment, the late Gib Shanley had told viewers if they wanted to watch the game later on on channel 5 and did not to know the score to leave the room. After a pregnant pause, Gib gave what was the current score, which was a 2-2 tie.

A little bit later, we were watching a program on WKYC/3, which was an NBC owned and operated station. During the program, there was a crawler on the bottom of the screen which said that the United States team beat the Soviets. I just wonder if that then sent more people over to channel 5?

I know that Kathy and I made a quick exit from church that Sunday to hurry back to our apartment to catch as much of the game between the USA and Finland as we could. My parents came over to take us out to dinner, but understood why we wanted to see the rest of the game. And yes we watched the game, and the gold medal ceremony where after the playing of the national anthem, Mike Eruzione motioned for his teammates to join him on the podium, which then was only designed for one person. Nowadays they are constructed for the whole team.
My mom and dad were chuckling at us watching all this and said that my brother, Ricky, was probably doing the same at home.

Struke posted a video with Kurt Russel as 1980 Olympic hockey coach Herb Brooks giving a pregame talk to the team before the game against the USSR. Check it out and click on some of the related videos after the completion of that clip.

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