Saturday, February 20, 2010

More job loss in my family

My daughter currently works two jobs. During the day, she works as a substitute teacher and on nights and weekends, she works at Kmart.

She would like the teaching position to become permanent, but a wrench has been thrown into those works. The district where she does most of her substitute work has a student teacher in her specialty who also is a basketball coach, and this is a district with a storied basketball heritage. Because we have screwed up values in this country, "Basketball Jones" is more likely to get hired before my daughter.

She was told a couple weeks ago that the Kmart where she works, and has her benefits, will be closing in May. She asked us not to say anything, but it was in the news yesterday. She was told that it wasn't likely that there would be anything open in other stores. She has been with Kmart for over 10 years. But according to this story, the employees were informed of openings in other stores. I say we all take a trip to Hoffman Estates, Illinois, to the headquarters of Sears Holdings and see if we can fins a bunch of people with long noses.

Now there more disgruntled soon to be former Kmart employees who may become future Evil Big Box Store(tm) employees. Or they may aim at the local Target.


Mike Golch said...

I have my own opion of sears,and I will not repeat it here. I do not know if the big box stox and or target's policy to their employees are,but hopefully is is better snears.(and no that is not a typo)

Awake In Rochester said...

So sorry about her job loss. They say that things are getting better, but Ive noticed a few more places in my area that have closed latly.

Jen said...

Oh not good!
Somethings gotta CHANGE
Good luck to you on Monday.

Margaret said...

Here's hoping things turn around real soon in your area.

Michelle said...

((hugs)) for your daughter and best wishes for your interview tomorrow.

Brenda said...

I heard last Monday that KMart was closing...that's too bad. I preferred going there over the Evil Big Box Store..was never as crowded or hard to get in or out of. Of course yesterday would have been a different story. The parking lot there was overflowing into the old Giant Eagle parking Lot. Lots of luck to her!!

Syd said...

I'm sorry to hear this. There are a lot of various stores that are going under. These are hard times for retail stores.

J. Moses said...

Cliff and all,

I must begin with full disclosure: I was an employee at Sears here in Florence in the winter of 2006, during Christmas time.

This being said, it seems like every year or two I'm hearing about K-Mart stores closing. Not a surprise in this case.

As for whether there'll be openings in other stores, I hope for these people that there will be. Otherwise, they could land on the street and I really would not like to see that.

J. Moses said...

By the way, in the article, the other two stores mentioned are in the SW corner of the state. The store in Milford is in that city east of Cincinnati, while the Dayton store is in THAT metropolitan area just north of Cincinnati.