Friday, February 05, 2010

Would this be considered prejudice?

I went, resume in hand, to place a job application this morning. My wife called her sister and they said that I should check out the company her husband works for. They have many locations in a multi-state area, and I was told to go to one of the locations to apply.

When I got there, I was told that I had to apply online and that there were no openings anyhow. I got into a conversation with someone there and he told me that I would have a hard time getting a job because of the "white stuff on my head."

Now I've had been told before that I was "overqualified" when I had applied for jobs in the past, and I know that is usually code for "too old." An employer cannot come right out and say you are too old, as that is a violation of federal law.

It isn't right for one to judge people by their age, just as it's not right to judge them by their race, gender, or specific beliefs.

As I was growing up, I found that people judge by social standards. Both sides of my family was from the "other side of the tracks." My mother had a "bad reputation," and my grandfather was the town drunk. I like to treat people as equals and I hope to run into an employer who has the same values, and also see my "white top" as maturity and not oldness.


Busy Bee Suz said...

I think that this is discrimination...but if you apply online, how will they know the color of your hair?
Good luck Cliff...this is a tough time for all.

Margaret said...

I have heard about "agism" but have never known anyone who has been a victim of it....until now. What do they want, youth and inexperience? Please. If I was an employer, I'd take someone with a few miles on them.

Ms Hen said...

I know that this might make no sense.. but a lot of men do dye their hair .. because if does make them look younger when looking for a job.

I know spiritually this is Nonsense to have to do that.. but you have such a young face and so much hair; you would easily look ten years younger ..

(women do it all the time.. gosh I look way older when my roots come in gray and I let it go for a few months once last

Syd said...

Cliff, it would be discrimination if you didn't get the job due to your age. I hope that people will not consider that but unfortunately, they do and there isn't much of a way to prove it unless they actually say something about your age or write about it. Good luck with the application.

Rich In Medina said...

I would call it at best bad form, or more bluntly stupid. Syd is right though. As far as the other comment you reference, I think "over qualified" isn't code for too old, but is an indicator of two things....1)the hiring company is concerned that you will continue to job hunt and eventually leave for something that fits your level of experience, or 2) they feel you wont be happy with their salary and will again, leave for something else. Email me at if you want a few more thoughts.