Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Time to rant....

I've talked enough about the weather and the only thing I've done about it was shovel snow and tear up the transmission of the WIXYmobile. Well the latter is a result of driving in it.

As we were watching the news last night and observing the Chicken Little list of closings, this story was aired about an article in the area's alternative weekly. It was a personal message to former Indians pitcher, C. C. Sabathia. I won't dignify the article by linking to it. It addressed the fact that Lebron James becomes a free agent after the current NBA season ends and how C.C. is telling the New York media that New York would be the perfect stage for his good friend. The author of the alternative weekly article spews out profanities at C.C. for his quotes. As far as I'm concerned, both of these articles are ink and paper trying to sell their wares and nothing more.

As a Cleveland sports fan, I have grown accustomed to big name personalities leaving town for seemingly greener pastures. In the past 15 years we have seen the exits of Albert Belle, Manny Rameriez, Jim Thome, Carlos Boozer, and the entire Cleveland Browns team. This is just to name a few. All these and others left and you know what? The sun still came up the next day. Was I, as a fan, disappointed? You bet, but I had my life to live. Sports is a needed distraction from the rigors of everyday life.

Will Lebron leave for another team after July 1? I don't know. Will I be disappointed if he does? Probably. Will it ruin my life? Not a chance.

The point is that the New York media has every right to print the story as they need to drum up sales of a dying medium. The guy writing the article for the alternative weekly, has every right writing what he did, but I will say this: Writing what he did for shock value, and the expressive language he used is all the proof you need to know why he writes for a FREE alternative weekly and not a major metropolitan media outlet.

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clean and crazy said...

you know that is what is wrong with the news today, they don't care about facts they want people to buy their load of bull.
nobody writes facts anymore. nobody reports facts they just want to glorify the news for ratings and the foolish public is 100 percent at fault for continuing to read or tune in to nonsense. the only place to get real news anymore is from jon stewart and stephen colbert!! and they are comedians now that is sad