Friday, November 23, 2007

Ahh, the Generation Gap...

A thought I have before returning to vacation memories.

A new friend I mentioned yesterday is Valley Girl. She is a 20 something blogger who writes a PG-13 rated blog. Naughty, but nice. Yesterday she wrote a post concerning countdowns. She noted that next Thursday is her birthday. She will become *gasp* 28 years OLD. She is worried about the passage of time and the unknown as she gets closer to, oh my, her thirties.

I remember entering my thirties. I still had feelings of immortality. That was to end in a little while as I was to be introduced to Uncle Arthur, arthritis. Our family was completed when WIXYjr was born 2 months after my 30th.

I am closer now to 60 than to 30 but I can say that I remember not knowing what the future held for me. But I lived through it. I think my daughters, ages 24 and 26, and my son, age 21 will also. And Val, I don't know you all that well, but I've got a feeling you will have it made also.

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Valley Girl said...

LOL, hey!!! I went from PG to PG-13!!! What happened?