Saturday, November 03, 2007

Tag Day in Rittman

Today's the day when some of the most well mannered students from Rittman High School-Marching band members(did I have to add that?) Go to all of the stores in town and collect donations for the band. These are used for uniform maintenance.

I went to the Dollar General to pick up some migraine medicine for Mrs74, as we were on our way to the GFS store in Medina. At the entrance of the store were the majorettes. I had gotten 2 dollars out of my wallet as I walked to the door. They asked me if I wanted to contribute to the band. I asked them if I had a choice then put a dollar in each of their containers.

I went into the store and got my merchandise and two candy bars-one for each of the young ladies standing there. As I was checking out the majorettes left and two other band members took their place. I got a big smile from both and they also got a dollar each from me. But they got the candy.

I hope today was profitable for these young people as they give the community many hours of musical enjoyment. I just wish I could have given more...


Pat Jenkins said...

that is great to see wixy. our daughter plays tennis and we are hoping to get some courts built at our school and i have been encouraging the coach to find ways to raise money to get er done. it is always good to have those inbvolved get involved!!!

Anonymous said...

We did pretty good this year w/ the tag day. This money goes towards the purchasing of new uniforms one day. The ones they have now (most of them) were new my freshman year @ RHS. Which was 78/79!! We do replace as needed right now.
Thanks for the donations!!

74WIXYgrad said...

Like I said, I had fun doing it and wish I could have done that all over town for all the band members.

I enjoy talking to them and am amazed at the respect they show as they represent the band in the community. That is a reflection on their upbringing