Thursday, November 08, 2007

Dual Posts:Reason for this Vacation

Those of you who have read WIXY's Gone Bananas since the start remember the story of my father in law's stroke. Those who aren't familiar and don't want to go through over 350 posts to find it, I will post the link. The post was called "Jesus take the Wheel." Check it out and as an added bonus, scroll down and read David5258's excellent. comment on the song.

My in law's were getting ready to go to Florida for the winter when the stroke occurred. It turned out to be a "mini stroke." Well they spent Christmas in Ohio, which meant they got to see their great grandchildren on Christmas Eve. Sometimes things like that turn out to be compensation for a minor inconvenience.

The day after Christmas, it was on to Florida, traveling tandem with a couple from their church. Health wise the stay in Florida was nothing out of the ordinary, but they flew my wife and her sister down to help with the drive back this past spring.

My father in law had a couple of setbacks during the spring but nothing major. His heart doctor told him late in the summer that his heart was in the best condition in years. The plan was to drive to Florida on their own, which went well until late September he was showing his neighbors how to do something they were doing easier and his defibrillator went off. At this poing my wife got a call from her mother. She said that she was going to call her sister and have them sell their trailer in Florida. Kathy told her that I had vacation time and would drive them down if they could fly me back. I had told my father in law the day my mother died, when he called me and told me how much they appreciated the care I gave my mom. I told him if need be, I would do the same for them.

They took me up on the offer, and insisted that I take time to enjoy myself there. I've never been to Florida, so there are things I will see in person for the first time. I will also get to go to the orange juice processing plant, where I can drink all the juice I want. They will take me to the ocean(another first), and I will get away from the rat race for a week.


Mike Dane said...

Cliff, You have a good vacation.
Relax, have fun and enjoy yourself.
We'll be here when you get back.

Anonymous said...

Have a great time Cliff!!

The ocean & the sun, two of my favorite things!!


Pat Jenkins said...

what part of florida are you heading to? i wish you a safe journey and a relaxing stay wixy!!! and if you don't mind bring back some of the warmer air with ya!!! that would be a welcome christmas present....

wzzp said...

Enjoy the time off. Relax. Soak it in. Go find some good fried chicken for me!

Liquid said...

Enjoy yourself! You will be missed but cannot wait to hear of your ventures. 10,000 angels are following you.......p.s. by the way! :)

74WIXYgrad said...

I will have a good time. This was a post I wanted to post before I left, and I want to do 2 more before I go.

As far as food is concerned, I'm sure I will get some fried chicken somewhere, but I was told by Bella on her blog that I have to try some boiled peanuts.

Lord willing, my destination in Fla. will be on my next post.

Liquid, I've been missing you too. Yes I plan to take some notes as I go along and I also am going to pick up a couple of disposable cameras along the way to take some pictures. The WIXYcam is staying home as I'm already hauling enough neccessary electronic equipment and they all pertain to health needs-blood glucose monitor, BP cuff, and my CPAP.

david5258 said...

cliff-have a good time in florida, but don't try to do the entire drive in 1 day. if you take 77 down, it ends in columbia, sc where you pick up the 26 connector to 95. that makes 2 driving days of about 8 to 9 hours. pricelinr can get you a very good rate in columbia.--david5258
ps--thanks for the props on jesus take the wheel--let HIM be the driver and you the passenger.--david