Wednesday, November 28, 2007

From MCO to CAK. Hey flying isn't so bad after all...

Well, all good things must come to an end. I had to fly home since that was where my car was.

This was my first plane ride and I didn't know what to expect. But here's what I found out.

It's good to get there early: I got to the airport about 3 hours before my flight was scheduled to depart, and went to the ticket counter. I gave the agent the information taht I had printed online when I had made reservations, along with my driver's license. She, in turn rebooked me on an earlier flight, which made me happy, as I would get to see Mrs74WIXYgrad again earlier.

More bars in more places, but none at MCO: I went to call home, but my cell phone had gotten no reception in the airport. After going through a lot of hoops, I finally got the message to home that I was going to arrive about an hour earlier.

Boarding the plane, making sure all things are in place: I got on the plane fine(this is my first plane ride EVER). I was cautioned at breakfast time not to eat too much, because I may get air sick, so the first thing I wanted to locate was the barf bag. It was within reach. Next, as the plane was getting ready for takeoff, I prayed for the pilot(touching all bases). Takeoff was smooth as silk, and my last view of Florida was from the air. Was no need for air sickness bag, and I'm sure the prayer helped the pilot.

First stop, Charlotte: The only disappointment I had during the vacation was even though I was within spitting distance of many NASCAR facilities, I didn't get to see any tracks in person. Flying into Charlotte, I did get to see what I think was Lowes Motor Speedway, so that sorta atoned for not seeing any others. Layover in Charlotte was just long enough to go across the airport and catch my breath before my next flight boarded.

Second flight was in puddle jumper: The flight to Akron was in a smaller plane, but it was still a jet. the passenger next to me was the pilot for the return trip to Charlotte. She was napping during the flight, which put me at ease. Neat thing about this flight was, since we flew over many mountains, I got to see the clouds from the top. As we were getting ready to land in Akron, I was telling the passenger next to me what I recognize from the air(US30, Belden Village Mall, Evil Big Box Store(tm) I-77). I come to the conclusion that riding a plane was not much different than riding a bus. U.S. Airways employees were great.

Back earlier than I thought: I was in Akron about 40 minutes sooner than I expected, but I did not waste my time. In the waiting area was a television, and on it was the Ohio State-Michigan game. I got to see the last quarter of a great game(sorry Jessica). Shortly after that come my wife with 2 grandchildren in tow.

End of vacation. I hoped everybody enjoyed reading about it. I thank everybody for all your kind comments.

Tomorrow morning I will be giving out a special birthday shout.

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Bella said...

I can't believe that was your first plane ride!

Consider yourself a pro now.

:) Bella