Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Birthday to a new friend

Happy Birthday to one who just stopped by, for the first time, to wish me the same 2 days ago. Her name is Jessica and she has 2 blogs. One is called Five Pines, and on that she writes about her life and family. The other is called Through The Viewfinder, where she primarily posts her photography.

Jessica is also a proud band mom. Her daughter, Jordan's, high school marching band is going to the state finals in Michigan this weekend.

Have a great one Jessica.


Jessica said...

It was nice to wake up to your birthday greeting. Thanks so much. It's going to be a good day!! (except I do have to work today)


Anonymous said...

From one band mom to another.
Have a Happy Birthday!!

Rittman Band Mom

Liquid said...


And WIXY.....missing you and all the wonderful people in Bloggerita-ville! I'll be back soon to catch up.

Much love to you and blessings abound!