Friday, November 23, 2007

Camp Inn RV Resort

And with this post I am back to reviewing my Florida trip.

The picture above is of my mother in law, Ella Jean Bowyer, left, and her sister, Loretta Whinnery sitting next to where I called home for 5 days at Camp Inn RV Resort, US Rt. 27, Frostproof, Florida. This is a winter home for many retirees from the northern states and Canadian provinces. Most residents here are members of what was called the Greatest Generation, along with some of the oldest baby boomers, all folks who worked hard and saved their money. Now they are able to enjoy their golden years.

I was able to take a look around the park many times during my few days there. I noticed that most, if not all of the folks there took pride in their winter homes, as the trailers, as well as the landscaping reflected that.

The park itself has many activities for the people who live there. I had went to a community dinner Wednesday, turkey, dressing and trimming. Other benefits include 2 swimming pools, one of which are heated.
Many modes of transportation are used to get around the park. My in laws are pictured returning from the Wednesday dinner in a golf cart loaned to them by their neighbor across the street. Dot, the neighbor is from Indiana. I returned from the community center that evening on foot. The rest of the time that I was going around the park, it was either by bicycle or car. I went for 2 bike rides a day for exercise as others also did. Along with the bicycles, both 2 and 3 wheeled, people rode around on motor scooters.
I saw many dogs being walked around the park. One dog was pulling his owner around as he was riding on his three wheeler(bicycle). Others had their dogs riding in the basket of their bikes. But being Florida, there were other forms of the animal kingdom in the park. I saw many geckos. I also was fortunate enough to take a picture of the state reptile of Florida. Look closely above. If I go again, I will take the WIXYcam. Sometimes you need the zoom. I'm not brave enough to get close enough to get a better picture.

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Valley Girl said...

Florida sounds wonderful this time of year. Though I can't complain about California; I wore a sleeveless top yesterday and had my moon roof in my car open!!!

74WIXYgrad said...

Keep it up Val.

I may see if anybody needs someone needs a driver to get them to California.

Or as Dionne Warwick once asked: Do you know the way to San Jose?

I also think she asked, Are you sure Whitney's part of the family?

wzzp said...

Cliff did you see any TPT during your visit?

Jessica said...

My in-laws winter over in Florida and live a community much like the pictures you posted. They love it. They have lots of friends and do a lot of socializing. It's great for them.

Been enjoying the pictures of your vacation.


Anonymous said...

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