Thursday, May 27, 2010

Been very warm and humid...

As we get closer the official beginning of summer, we have been getting a preview. And the past couple of days, I have been babysitting my 3 year old grandson.

My grandkids like going to the park and playing on the equipment. I found this park close to his brother's school which had quite a bit of stuff and restroom facilities. We had intended to go yesterday, but he fell asleep and by the time he woke up, it was time to get his brother from school. Needless to say, he was not a happy camper.

Today was not a nap day. Silas had seen to it that he would be awake and alert. We then went to the convenience store that has a name similar to a ranch, got fountain drinks and hot dogs, then went to the park to eat them. After he took a few bites, it was time to explore all the equipment.
The reaction wasn't the same as last week when I took him to Christmas Run park in Wooster, but it was a good one nonetheless. Usually I get more a workout than him, and today wasn't a day where I wanted that kind of workout. He ran himself somewhat tired then it was time to pick his brother up from school. After I talked to his teacher, I realized that I was double booked for the evening.

Kathy had promised Ben, the oldest, that we would go to his spring concert tonight. Not thinking about that, I promised my father in law I would mow his lawn tonight. I figured that the grass would still be there tomorrow, the concert wouldn't. We went to the concert. Ben, not being much of an extrovert, looked like this concert was just something taking valuable time from his evening. The kids did a good job and I realize that they still make vocal music teachers the same way, somewhat weird. I felt for the kids. The auditorium felt like a sauna and I'm sure the stage was worse.

I guess it wasn't the heat, it was the humidity.


Mike Golch said...

I'm glad you choose the concert,they are definately more fun that mowing a lawn,and you are right it will still be there.I hope that you have a great Memorial Day weekend.

Syd said...

I don't think that you would like it much down here. It is hot and humid all summer. In fact, humidity begins in May and lasts into October. I don't like walking outside to the garden being drenched in sweat without having done any work. The humidity is cloying.