Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Explanation

I try to put a worthwhile product on this page. Blogging is a hobby and a passion of mine. And since all many know of me is what they see on these posts, I want the true essence of my personality to come through in these posts.

I was trying too hard to be funny in my post yesterday, and in so doing, I poked fun at one whom I shouldn't have. YEKIMI told me in the comments that this person had much going for him until he was injured in a car accident. He knew whom I was talking about because we both shop at this particular place of business.

Having two siblings who are mentally handicapped, a daughter who teaches special education at one school and one of my best friends, a reader of this blog, who teaches special ed at another, I could not leave this post up with a clear conscience.

Reconnecting with many of my friends from high school on Facebook has taught me a lot about forgiveness. Among those I have chatted with are a guy whom I did not treat well in the 8th grade. We were able to make peace and put this behind us. Another was a girl who this group I associated with treated her badly and one of the guys gave her a terrible nickname. She and I became real good friends during our senior year. She also said that she would check for the explanation so anyone who comments, please give Johanna a shout out.

And once again I find myself in need of some forgiveness.


Webby said...

3 cheers for you Cliff, it takes a big person to step up and take responsibility when they have wronged someone for selfish reasons, as we chatted earlier on IM I have carried many regets for wrongs I commited during my school years to others all in sake of being on the popular list, when in reality I was being the south end of a north horse. Thanks for sharing this it is a great reminder that we can all use, yi\our friend Gary

clean and crazy said...

i did not read yesterdays post, been too busy dealing with my surveyor.
don't worry cliff, i know you are human and that means not perfect. we all have the human condition.

i still think you are awesome and full of integrity to not only own up to your mistakes but to try not to make them again.
i know too many people who behave badly and use the excuse "I am an asshole and everybody knows it" what is sad is they choose to stay that way. i do not talk to them often as i can only tolerate them in small doses.

however i did get my daycare license and i am excited to finally be making some money soon!! take care of you!!

Syd said...

Cliff, I don't know what the post was about but know that I feel better when I admit that I am wrong about something. It's the tenth step for me and a step that I use every day. Don't beat yourself up. Forgive yourself and move on.

Margaret said...

I read more frustration with the situation in your post. I didn't read mean-spiritedness in it. After all, any comment you made obviously was not intentionally hurtful, since you didn't have the full picture. But it takes a big man to own up to it after you got the full picture. Anyone who reads your blog on a regular basis knows that you aren't a mean person.

74WIXYgrad said...

The fact is that there are local people who happen upon this blog and could put two and two together since I did use the actual store number.

Yes there was frustration, but the cashier who could be most identified by my description did the correct thing, and he did notify the CSM. The second cashier handled things wrong and the CSM didn't help matters by her actions.

My wife, however, was amused when I wrote that she had a masters degree in sarcasm.

I was wrong in my name calling. Though it received a chuckle or two, it violated a principle I've stood for most of my adult life.

YEKIMI said...

I wasn't really planning on posting anything about the deleted post at all but it got me thinking. I didn't want to make you feel bad. My main thought was what if they read it or someone that is close to them reads it and puts two and two together [sort of what like I did]. I don't know him real well; sort of like Bette Midler sings, I know him "From a distance". I'm sure they have a hard enough time dealing with "what ifs" and wish things would have turned out different after the accident. But it wasn't to be and they [and he] are dealing with it best they can.
One thing I've learned from the Internet, if you post something it's almost always out there forever and eventually it may get back to someone you were talking about, even if you didn't mean any harm. [Believe me, I've come across things said about me on various sites dealing with high school and seeing as how I was a "move in" kid who didn't grow up with ones in the district it was sort of surprising seeing stuff posted from people who I thought were "friends".] Enough sermonizing, go back to having fun.