Saturday, May 08, 2010

A nice Evil Big Box Store(tm) story

This evening I had to get a few items, which included a new keyboard. I found myself at Evil Big Box Store(tm) #1812, which was very busy tonight. Anyway, I found myself fifth in line at the register and thought I would pass the time by listening to my MP3 player. For some reason, my earbuds were tangled, so it took some time to untangle them. While I was doing this, a customer behind me took a magazine to read. least it wasn't a tabloid.

I had noticed the customer in front of me had brought her own bags and I guess her husband and son were with her. And to be honest, I didn't know what to think, just that she was eco friendly.

The cashier was working rapidly and efficiently. When the green team got to the register, I noticed that they were working as a well oiled machine. The cashier would ring the item, place it aside and then the green team assembly line would place the item in the appropriate bag. As I gave my compliment to the team, the lady said, "I guess you could tell, I'm a teacher by the way my bags are organized.

My son was behind me and asked where she taught. When she mentioned where she taught, I asked if she knew one of my readers, who is also a teacher there. She said that he was on her team.

Well, the green team was gone, and now it was my turn. I had to compliment the cashier for the good job she was doing, handling the volume of customers coming her way. when the transaction was over, I said "have a great evening and thank you for working at Walmart." And yes, she was taken aback with that. And the customers around chuckled.

So there you have it. An Evil big Box Store(tm) post that isn't snarky and sophomoric.


johanna said...

Not snarky at all. WalMart is a great place to people watch. You will see all kinds there.

Tracey Axnick said...

This is a nice post, Cliff.
As you know, I have a love-hate relationship with my local Wal-Mart.

LOVE: Where else can I go to get ground beef, a bathing suit, a TV, my prescription, and a wheelbarrow? AND have it all be cheaper than the other (individual stores) that sell those things?

HATE: I hate the fact that Wal Mart truly IS the evil big box store when it comes to SQUASHING the local mom-and-pop establishments and putting them out of business. Hubster and I try (whenever possible) to patronize independently owned, local businesses... but it's getting harder and harder now that everything is becoming gobbled up by big chains.

It's love-hate....

But your former commenter was RIGHT... the people watching at Wal Mart simply CAN'T be beat! (as one of previous posts will attest... remember the T-shirt I saw "on display" by a Wal-Mart shopper??)

74WIXYgrad said...

Johanna, thank you for being one of my consciences this past week. And feel free to comment here often, as you were one of the truly good people from my high school years.

And Tracey, I agree with all of your points. And having worked at a Walmart in a college town, I also agree with the people watching experience. Too bad Walmart wasn't there when Margaret was going to school there....

Syd said...

I boycott Wal-Mart and think that it has done a lot to ruin businesses as well as enhance the power of China.

Jack said...

For someone who dislikes Wal-Mart so much you sure do talk about them and shop there a lot.