Monday, May 17, 2010

Some take me too seriously...

When I blog, I am the voice of Cliff and no one else.

I have no intentions of leading a mass boycott of Walmart stores. I go there for basically the same reason as everybody else, to save money. Dollar General and the IGA in Rittman are fine, but don't have the volume the stores in Wadsworth have.

If I would shop at Target more often, I would probably have given them a nickname and wrote horror stories about them too. K-Mart? Don't kick someone when they're down for the count. Sears? I don't shop there. Haven't for many years because of their credit racket.

I also have friends who work at Walmart. They worked there when I was there part time a dozen years ago. They tell me that it's nowhere near the same company I worked for. I have also applied for a job there, but I figure every time my fingers touch my keyboard, I reduce my chances even more of getting hired. But it's their loss.

The Evil big Box Store(tm) stories are meant for me to blow off steam and to entertain. sometimes it seems the only one to be entertained is me. It's also meant to get some hits, as I know that when I blog about certain things, I excite those using search engines. And since Blogger is owned by Google, we go to the head of the class quite often.

So "Jack" if you are reading this, I will continue to shop at Walmart. And if I see something funny there, I will write an Evil Big Box Store(tm) post about it. Heck, I may print up some "Follow me to the Evil Big Box Store" bumper stickers. Maybe slap them on a Lexus or BMW when the owners aren't looking, possibly over their "Follow me to Goodwill" stickers.


Syd said...

I actually think that boycotting Wal-Mart is a great idea. They have done more to drive the mom and pop stores out of business and contributed to the sweat shop labor in China than any other company. I don't know if you saw this but check it out:

Have a grateful day said...

Cliff, I'm trying to get back into blogging! Come visit me! Bella

Ben said...

Yeah, I have mixed emotions about the EBBS. I shop there on occasion, but try other places first. Caught a guy coming out one night who I knew to be a raving anti-big-box guy, and I just pointed at him and said "Busted!" They do damage to a lot of mom and pops, actually help some close-by businesses, and certainly change the local economy. In rural America they have become a juggernaut. On the plus side, they are undertaking some interesting environmental moves, and some donate considerable food to local charities when it approaches the "sell by" date.