Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dinner and Concert tonight

Tonight I went to Rittman High School for the annual spaghetti dinner followed by a concert given by the Rittman High School band. This would be my last chance to see some of these students s they would be graduating in two weeks.

The dinner was prepared and served by the World's Greatest Band Boosters(tm). This was to benefit the student musicians in their future activities as members of the Rittman Band. the dinner was tasty and all you can eat.

After we were filled with good food, we were entertained with great music. The band started their program with a selection written by Wolfgang Mozart, Eine Keine Nachtmusik.

Next, we heard Snake Charmer, written by Randall Standridge. Then we were entertained with the English Folk Song Suite, by Ralph Vaughn Williams. This consisted of three parts: Part one was a march, "Seventeen come Sunday" Two, intermezzo, "My Bonnie boy" then this concluded with a march, "Folk Songs from Somerset."
Now it was time for individual features. Four songs were performed by members of the band either as a solo or duet. Barbara Ann was performed by Brian Miller and Joe Landrum. Next we heard the Jackson 5 hit, ABC, as preformed by Brenna Grimes. Ashley comer and Cody Lyons jazzed it up, playing It Don't Mean a Thing(If It Ain't Got That Swing). Sasha Caynor concluded this portion with Cruella De Vil.

Then came the bittersweet portion of the program. This, being the last concert of the year for the entire band, it was award time. It was also time to recognize the senior band members for five years of participation. This year's senior were the first group that started marching as 8th graders. For me it's always a pleasure to watch the student musicians as they grow as very responsible young adults. Once the awards were presented and all tears were dried, it was back to the business of making music.

The last segment was written by Eric Morales after dreaming about Four Moons. this was followed by a number that once again proves that composers can have a very weird sense of humor, March of the Sun Dried Tomatoes. This was composed by Julie Giroux. The evening was concluded with the band playing Sabre Dance from the ballet Gayane. It was good to see the band tonight and it made me hope that marching season would hurry up and get here.


Leesa said...

How cool, Cliff..

Looks like a great time!!! Have a blessed Sunday... Leese

Margaret said...

I miss the days of band and orchestra concerts. I was in plenty, and got to see a few with my daughter playing flute. Looks like a good time.

Brenda said...

I'm sorry I had to miss it....I am hoping to make the Jazz concert Tuesday night...always one of my favorite events (next to anything Marching).

Syd said...

Nice-glad that you enjoyed it and got to see their progress.