Monday, May 10, 2010

Ode to the closed K-mart

My daughter walked away with grace
From K-Mart, once the saving place
The store that once so many chose
Yesterday the last time closed

The store that one time stood so tall
Going there and not the mall
Our kids would think it was so sweet
On Sundays going there to eat

The last ten years, my daughter's perk
Would be going there to work
From high school, college, then to teaching
Friends made from there, she would be reaching

The company would have it's trouble
Another one would more than double
Move into town across the way
Take customers with less to pay

I know the times we live in now
There will be jobs, some where, some how
It's just we need to find a way
To get the jobs we need today

And to the Evil Big Box Store
Someday, someone will fix the score
The once mighty now will fall to you
Someday you might be falling too


Mike Golch said...

Good one.

YEKIMI said...

I think what did in K-Mart was the fact they were bought by Sears [or vice-versa]. Anyways the last few times I went in there, they did not have what I was looking for so I had to go to that "other place". And when I did find what I needed the price(s) was outrageous, certainly not in line with their tagline "the saving place". I also found the same item at the "other place" for 2/3rds less. And their going out of business sale....what a scam. I know someone who went in there to look at an appliance and the price was $300. After they announced they were closing and started having their "going out of business" sale, she went in to buy it and found they had jacked the price up to $500 but with the discount added reduced it back to the $300 it first cost. Needless to say, she was incensed and walked out without buying anything.

Syd said...

K Mart has been around a long time. I would rather not shop at any of the large stores, especially since all of the merchandise is made in China.

Daisy said...

Our K-mart went out several months ago. It couldn't compete with the Wal-Mart that was built across the street. We lost one of our local grocery stores too for the same reason. I'm not happy about it, but of course there's nothing I can do to change it. Nice job with the poem.

clean and crazy said...

what is sad is the evil big boxstore started out with integrity and then the integrity died with sam walton, when his kids took over that was the end of an era.

When that store first started the promise was nothing but American Made products, and the employees were paid fairly and given a full 40 hours a week so they could receive good health benefits.

today no employee receives more than 36 hours a week, so no benefits and their claim to help communities by opening stores and creating jobs is a lie, more employees of walmart have to use government resources like food stamps and medical then any other big corporation. in fact they are as big a drain on our resources as illegal immigrants. And all they would have to do is allow their employees to have 40 hours a week and give them the health benefits they need. and if you think that is bad they have insurance on their employees. there was a woman who worked for walmart and did not get enough hours to receive medical benefits, then she got cancer and her family went in debt to medical bills in the hundreds of thousands. Then when she died they found out there was a life insurance policy on her made by her employer, walmart received 80,000 for her death, and did nothing to help her family!! Sick, Sick and nothing there is from America Any more.

The greed of Walmart makes me sick!! Great Poem!!

Emma said...

Also, EBBS takes out life insurance policies on many of its employees so when you die, the company will profit. They like to hit up the young but sickly, then they provide no health care so the sickly get sicklier and when they die, the family is stuck with medical bills, funeral costs etc but EBBS makes hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Sick, ain't?

Emma said...

before you comment, Em, read all of them all the way through...

Sorry, Miss Clean and Crazy. My daddy really did raise polite young ladies.

Michelle said...

The Ballad of 2010!

david5258 said...

Cliff--Store mamanger at Wadsworth KM is now up the road at the Medina store. Medina gm got promoted to district coach for se ohio kmart stores--David