Thursday, November 12, 2009

And now a little vitriol

Today I was given the option of adding $190.00 to the Cleveland city coffers. I was driving between the two plants and was clocked in a 25MPH zone doing 37. I will now add that I was guilty as charged, but I also feel that this was more for fund raising than law enforcement. Especially when, as I didn't produce my insurance card, but they checked the box that I did. the officer also told me that they were controlling traffic under the direction of the mayor. There were also speed traps on another road I drove on.

Now comes the vitriol. Where are these officers when I'm driving to work and there are hookers on several street corners flashing motorists? Where are they when there are panhandlers on the busy corners since panhandling is illegal in Cleveland?

Were these speed traps set up because the city has to pay a ton of overtime to those having to do all this forensic work due to the ongoing investigation on Imperial Ave., where that piece of scum sexual predator had, at last count 11 bodies in his house? He will probably spend the rest of his life being fed, clothed, and housed on the taxpayer's dime. When you take a look at the severity of the crime, he will get off comparatively easier than those who happen to be driving past the speed limit. Especially since the driving scofflaws more than likely have families to support. I don't know about others, but 190 dollars puts a huge dent in my budget.

Where I live, when you get caught speeding, and have a recent record as clean as mine, the police usually let you off with a warning.


Bubbie said...

Cliff - I got stopped by a cop on a horse! On a horse! One minute I was thinking, what's a horsey doing on the avenue; and the next, I'm getting hit up with a ticket. Loved your subject matter! :-)

Brenda said...

That would definately kill my budget. What I don't understand about that whole Imperial Avenue thing is, doesn't the skull count as a 12th possible murder?? That would be my count.
Hope you have a better day today!!!

clean and crazy said...

i hear ya cliff!! boy did you hear that guy lee malvo was executed already, the one from the dc sniper shootings?
now i am not saying it was bad to execute him thank you for not making me pay for him to live, but here is one for the ages, why on god's green earth was he executed in such a short amount of time, 4 years, and the damn night stalker has been on death row for 25 years now.
the people who caught the guy are probably dead themselves, as they were a bunch of gang bangers. i remember the case vividly as i grew up in 'hell a'.
sometimes i just scratch my head wondering what is wrong with our legal system. why do murderer's have a free ride while the rest of us have mortgages, it doesn't make sense.
great post, and by the way i have left an award for you on my blog.

Jen said...

I hope today, the 13th, is luckier for you Cliff.

WZZP said...

If anybody calls, tell them Barnaby says, "Hello."

Minerva said...

I hear ya, Cliff.