Saturday, November 14, 2009

Enough already!

This past Thursday should have been my first payday in two weeks. I got my vacation pay in advance. That was a mistake. I now think I should have taken the week's vacation pay but worked the week. Because of the holiday on Wednesday, my check wasn't direct deposited on Thursday.

Then came the drive between the plants that got me caught in Boss Hogg's speed trap. That relieved me of about two day's pay.

Then yesterday, Kathy was checking out our account at the bank. Because of the @&#%*##!! federal reserve and not transferring funds at the right time for us, we had to incur some overdraft charges. Once again me being stupid has been costly.

Once again the harder I work the behinder I get.

Too bad I didn't work harder when I graduated from high school. I woudn't be a loser QA inspector in a factory in one of the roughest neighborhoods in Cleveland.

But some pay more in stupid tax than others. I happen to be a regular payer of stupid tax.


Amias said...

If you don't want to work in this neighborhood, leave. Most folks don't even have a job making over a hundred dollars a day, and they worked hard after high school and many have Master degrees ... and are working two and three jobs.

... hell, life is hard on everyone, and we are all paying stupid taxes. If you know you can't afford a ticket drive the speed limit ...

74WIXYgrad said...

Stupid tax and stupid taxes are two different things. Stupid taxes are something we all have to pay in order that our government works. And sometime we have to pay too much in taxes because of ineffective government, no matter who's in office.

Stupid tax is a term I got from Dave Ramsey. This is something we have to pay when we do stupid things like exceed the speed limit and get caught.

I feel that the city of Cleveland set up that speed trap mainly as a fund raising effort, especially when the officer issuing the ticket told me that this was under the direction of the illustrious mayor. I call it a speed trap because this was an industrial area and the posted speed was inconsistent with other industrial areas in town.

I also have a problem with some of the priorities that any city has with their safety forces. Being a former land owner in Cleveland and having to wait for hours when the house I owned was vandalized before any police came over to take a report. Makes me wonder who are they there to protect and serve.

As far as working where I do, as a responsible head of household, I resign myself to the fact of where I work and stay there as I would rather work there than not provide for my family.

And any vitriol I display is not intended towards the Cleveland Police Department as much as it's aimed towards Mayor Frank Jackson and his predecessor, Jane Campbell.

Maggie said...

It sounds like you had a bad hair week. I did notice as I read that you acknowledge some of your own errors in judgement in life choices.

We all make some mistakes but one thing is sure any government is going to get a chunk for taxes and it is always a good thing to check your bank balance before writing checks...I try to.

With the job situation like it is...thousands of college grads are seeking any kind of job just to exist. Sometimes life gives us a hard bed and sometimes our bed is hard because of our choices.

When we break any law it is just best to bite the bullet and pay the fine...if you are guilty.

Be happy you are employed because believe it or are blessed.

Peace to you and yours.

Margaret said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! Some day the ticket will be a blip on the radar screen. Right now it's still fresh and a reminder of city govt. gone awry. And stop saying you're a loser. You clearly are not.

Ms Hen said...

((((hugs)))) you had a lot on your plate lately... and then these things happen.

Sometimes it is good to VENT and get it all OUT.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the Whirl.. we don't see there are other choices...

And you are NOT stupid.. just maybe overwhelmed lately. (the episode with the medication and its side effect of suicide feelings with Adam).. That was indeed very very very stressful..

Don't be so hard on yourself..

Al-Anon and ACOA taught me I have so many choices... (hugs)... and that I'm not a victim..

Mike Golch said...

you know hindsight is always 20/20.I wish I had been more nose to the grindstone when I was in school as well.such is life.

WZZP said...

Deep breath. We all are stupid some days, and more stupid than others. The smartest thing you do each day is trust in our Savior. Go give Kathy a big hug and tell her you love her.

Fried chicken some day soon, my treat!

Thoughts, prayers, and blessings!

J. Moses(Tri-State Media Watch Editor) said...

One thought here, Cliff...

I don't think the government has anything to do with direct deposits, unless it has to do with social security or something of that sort. The gov't. closed Wednesday and so did most banks (though 5/3rd has a few locations that stayed open). The problem is on your workplace if they didn't do the direct deposit into your account.

Again, this assumes it's not a Social Security check, in which case, it IS the Gov't...

J. Moses(Tri-State Media Watch Editor) said...

By the way, this is coming from someone whose trip to a local eating establishment on Nov. 3, cost me damn near 50 bucks in overdrafts last week, when said establishment chose THAT moment to take the cash out of my account, when I didn't have 45 bucks in there. Of course, part of that is on me, for even assuming it was out to begin with...

Michelle said...

We had our own version of this on Friday. Last week was bad. I mean as in huge big awful ugly mean and nasty BAD.

Deepest sympathy and love.