Monday, November 09, 2009

Happy birthday to a friend...

Yes it's that time again. Time to wish a very happy birthday to a blogging, Facebook, and Twitter buddy. And today, the birthday girl is Sue Wilson, of Voiceover fame. Sue is also program director and morning show cohost at WQMX-Medina, Akron, Canton. So, to commemorate this special occasion, here is a poem:

She's a friend to all the cats and dogs
And to all of us who write our blogs
The radio folks speak of her well
One of the nicest, we all can tell

Programming all the country hits
Country stars love her to bits
Taylor, Reba, Toby, and Brad
All the tunes that make us glad

This special day, November nine
I have no time to paint a sign
So poem on this blog should do
Happy birthday to our sweet Sue!

So everyone now go to Sue Wilson's Voiceover and wish her a happy birthday!


Sue Wilson said...

Cliff! I love your poem and am so honored you wrote it just for me! Thank you for the birthday wishes!

Pat Jenkins said...

i wonder if she wears that smile everyday. if so she defintely doesn't have a face for radio.... he he he..

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