Thursday, November 12, 2009

Know when to laugh, know when to cry

There are times when I get my paper in the morning that I'm glad that I have a flexible work schedule. This morning was one of them. Yes, I had a conversation with Beth this morning. The main part of this was when I mentioned my "great head of hair". Beth replied that I always had pretty hair. I said yeah, unruly, but pretty. She told me about this guy she dated in high school who had great eye lashes and made her jealous.

Our conversation soon evolved to people we graduated with and some of the choices they made in life. Beth mentioned one that she had saw a few years ago who was paying the price of some very poor choices(drugs and booze). I had mentioned one who I met several years ago who had recognized me, but I didn't her. I could guess that she had spent a good amount of time since high school on bar stools.

Beth is one who has aged very gracefully, and if not for God's bleach job, I could probably pass for being younger myself. We could attribute some of this to one thing: neither one of us have been big party types. Beth became a mother shortly after high school and she wisely kept off the party circuit. Me, I only smoked marijuana. That's far as my drug use went. My "wild spell" lasted from age 19 to shortly past my 22nd birthday. This included some drinking and that was mostly 3.2 beer. I drank some hard stuff between 21 and 22, but gave it up when I met my very religious future wife.

Beth mentioned that although I have a full head of gray hair, my facial features are free of wrinkles. I told her that over the years I knew when to laugh and when to cry. She agreed that this something she knew too.

Yeah we both have our aches and pains, but this is something that goes with the territory when you are over 50. Beth's come from being active in sports and mine are a result of the joints having to support too much Cliff over the years.

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clean and crazy said...

i never knew how to just feel my feelings. i always thought people who didn't just keep drinking or using were strange. i never understood the concept of having just 'a beer' or know when to cry and when to laugh.
today i am grateful it is different and i can feel. today i do not drink or use dope and i feel much of what you describe here. kind of cool