Monday, September 04, 2006

Kaufmanns to become Macy's(ho-hum)

I took a trip this afternoon to the vast no-man's land that once was the Rolling Acres Mall in Akron. I noticed that the "Kaufmanns" sign was about to be changed, as the name of the store in the next few days will become Macy's. More proof that this country of ours is becoming either a suburb of New York City or Los Angeles. It also shows me one thing. The only thing constant anymore is change.
Lets see, in my lifetime Fisher Foods became Fazios, which was sold to Stop-N-Shop, who was sold to Giant Eagle. Pick-N-Pay became Finast, then became Tops, and now is leaving the area.
Kroger left, came back, and left again. Zayre sold out to Ames, who closed their stores in the area. Gold Circle became Hills, was sold to Ames who then went out of business. Click is gone, Clarkins is gone, Woolworths is gone. W.T. Grants went bankrupt over 30 years ago. The list goes on.
One of the best times I have had as a poster on the Listening Party board was this past spring when newsnomore spurred on some dialogue about businesses that don't exist any more. Of course I mentioned that I worked for Fretter and Montgomery Ward at one time, and then a handful of posters then chimed in with other obsolete business names. This lasted for over a day. Just goes to show that more baby boomers know how to use computers than are given credit for.


Rich in Medina said...

The same Kaufmanns, which used to be Higbees in Cleveland and O'Neils in Akron?(Or was it Polsky's?) Halle's went out of business and May Company became Dillards? Funny how when one starts talking about times gone by, you start sounding like your grandfather. Everytime I am in Strongsville, where I grew up, I have to bite my tongue so my kids don't hear me say..."when I was a kid, that housing development(or shopping center, or whatever), was so and so's farm"

74WIXYgrad said...


Just take a look at your neck of the woods. Start at the corner of Pearl Rd. and Fenn Rd., where Cracker Barrel IGA and Conleys once stood, and work your way south. Alot of change happened im Medina since I lived there from 1979-1981.

Thanks for reading,

Tim Lones said...

I was thinking of this though not in relation to your blog entry this morning as my wife and I stopped at our bank on the way to bowling..We bank at Charter One, as we have for over 13 years, As she was in the bank I was thinking what was Charter One before 1993? I can't remember at this point..

Anonymous said...

Actually, May Company became Kaufmann's, and Higbees became Dillard's.