Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My(as in personal pronoun)TV news

I have a confession to make. I watch very little TV news(OMW, you can breathe a sigh of relief. I'm not taking your job anytime soon.) I used to watch it alot when the news reported the news and was not the news. In the 70's you watched a half hour of local news, and guess what? You got a half hour of news. Nowadays you have what? Several hours of local news? And what do you get? About a half hour of news. I get all the news I need driving home from work every night, and that's like in a five minute block.

In the 70's it was rare for a newscaster to make the news, and most of the time, it wasn't their choice. Take for example Dorothy Fuldheim throwing Jerry Rubin out of the studio. I'm sure that "Jerry Springer" moment wasn't planned. Or when the afore mentioned Fuldheim got a pie in the face.

And from the forums, hey Fox 8! Even though I watched it, "American Idol" is not news. It's entertainment. Don't show it during the advertised news block. Let's have an entertainment show to compliment the news show.
And speaking of entertainment: To your left is a picture of the cover of the season 10 MASH DVD collection. What's wrong with this picture? I will give the answer later this week.

And to everybody checking out the blog, and those who have posted the kind comments, I thank you.


Rich in Medina said...

wow...those logos bring back memories. Is the WJW logo post "City Camera News"? And I looked at the MASH cover and can't figure it out.

newsnomore said...

The Channel 8 logo IS the one used during the City Camera era.

How did Channel 8 come up with City Camera? Well, it goes back to the early days of local TV news..even before they used moving film in the field.

Photographers would go to the scene of news, shoot still shots, then the art department would glue them to poster board, put the board on a tripod and shoot the photo with a studio camera...thus the name, City Camera News.

Some of the news staff:
Marty Ross, Murry Stewart, Dave Martin, John Fitzgerald, Bob Franken, Pete Carey, Dave Buckel, Bill McKay, Neil Zurcher, Dick Goddard, Bob Wells, Howard Hoffman, Doug Adair.

City Camera become Newscenter 8 in 1976 with the switch from Playhouse Square to S. Marginal Rd.

S. Marginal was a square peg in a round hole from the beginning. The building was designed for film news gathering. When electronic news gathering (ENG) or minicams began common use in the late 70's all the film editing rooms were clumsily converted into little videotape editing rooms. To this day the ENG editing is scattered all over the building. Reporters cut their voice tracks right there in the rooms rather than in a sound booth.

The large film processing facility in the basement became, and is still used to this day, as a room for the engineers to fix equipment. Some news shooters have their lockers in there too.

Forgive me...if this is TMI (too much info).

74WIXYgrad said...


No need to apologize my friend. I do thank you for your history lession. And for e-mailing me that logo.

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