Thursday, September 07, 2006

September 11

This will be a serious post
This coming Monday will be the fifth anniversary of 9/11. There was a question on a discussion forum about how to handle radio programming that day. My response was that we shouldn't forget, but we shouldn't also be saturated with constant programming about what happened that day. I feel that we are overloaded with that much content.

How many times do we need to see the planes ram into the World Trade Center? One poster said that a moment of silence would be adequate.

Personally, I didn't know anybody who lost their lives on that day. The company that I work for had a customer who lost employees that day. One of the exectutives in my company, a retired army officer, lost a friend when the Pentagon was attacked.

Yes it was horrific, many lives were lost that day, and we still have not captured the perpetrator of the events of that day. God (who was expelled from school almost 40 years before that) made a cameo appearance in the classroom, the office, and the legislature. He was asked to work for us, to bless us, but was laid off shortly thereafter.

Businesses put "God bless America" on their signs, and flags in their ads. Are they now going to have Patriot day sales? Hopefully this day won't be prostituted in that way.

We went from being Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, to being Americans. Now we've all drifted back.

I don't think we learned that much that day. Watch what you want on television. Listen to what you want on the radio. I will ask God to bless me that day, thank Him for my health and safety, and ask for His providence and protection.

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