Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Question for my readers.

A question was posted on my comments. Does anybody know what the prior name of Charter One Bank was? I don't know since I bank with FirstMerit, and before 1995 it was known as Old Phoenix National Bank.


Ricfh in Medina said...

Not sure what it was before Charter One, but at some point, it may rebranded as Citizen's Bank, aka the Royal Bank of Scotland. Citizen's of Providence, RI, owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland, purchased Charter One last year.

Tim Lones said...

My wife and I were in Lancaster, Pa. in January and found that Citizen's Bank's logo and green color scheme is the same as used by Charter One which probably took it from them..the Phillies play in Citizen's Bank Ballpark..And I could use my Debit/Bank card at any Citizen's ATM with no charge as they were on the same network.