Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A few observations on my part

About the picture: The picture above my profile link is what I looked like on Christmas Day 1976. I thought I would have some fun and place it there at least for the next week.

Whats the matter, slow day? As I left work this afternoon, I decided to listen to what Trivisonno had to say. Somebody had taken his special gold microphone. He has one of his own because he is a germophobe. Well, our boy Mike supposedly grabbed his briefcase during the 3:30 news break and went home. I then listened to the next half hour as Paul Rado and Alison(she doesn't give her last name, but in case you are curious, it's Pucci) played detective, and were trying to find out what happened to the missing mike. After the 4:00 news I turned on my mp3 player as I got two new audiobooks yesterday. Which leads me to my next observation.

One of the recordings I received was "The 360 Degree Manager" by John C Maxwell. I heard a quote I like-"A bulldog can beat a skunk anytime, but he knows that it's not worth it." I thought about the way everybody razzes JimOhio-pick a number- on the message boards. It used to bother me how folks treated him but I now realize that he must like the abuse he receives. So some folks waste perfectly good insults when dealing with him. Some use the message boards to vent, others to reminisce, I use them to communicate. Jim is annoying but generally harmless. You go off on him after he posts some nonsense, he probably gets some degree of satisfaction.


WZZP said...

Right with you brother! on the JimOhio[insert number here]matter. Sometimes it is so tempting though!

Once again Triv proves that his show just isn't what it used to be. I can't believe I say this, but bring Kim back. At least there was some sign of intelligence. Rado is pretty okay though. Allison has been a mistake, and someone at TAM needs to face up to that point. The first thing TAM should do to reform Triv is pull her off the air. When Triv is on vacation her weaknesses really show through. Kim could hold her own without having to have Triv there. Okay I spent too much time already talking about that show.

WZZP said...

JimOhio[insert number here] officially sucks! There, now I feel better, and I won't be deleted. Therapy rules!

Tim Lones said...

Not about JimOhio..(Less said about him the better)..Just wanted to make you aware..I have joined the blogging community..My blog is mainly about Classic Cleveland TV/Radio but I could talk about any of my interests..We'll see how it goes..The blog is called Cleveland Classic Media


Anonymous said...

I have to agee with wzzp. Triv's show continues to decline. Instead of fostering the love/hate (mostly hate) relationship between Triv & Kim which made for funny radio they decided to silence her and eventually fire her. I still maintain that was the "jump the shark moment" I still listen to the show on occassion but not as often nor as long as I used to. Seems like the same boring stuff. Rado is weak and Alison sounds like a high school kid. Certainly not high caliber talent for a 50K watt station. Too bad, I used to be a fan.