Saturday, March 03, 2007

Why can't Johnny read?

I probably spend to much time in front of my computer, especially thinking of new topics to write about here, but I have found a special irony about this.

Today I took WIXYjr to the Treasure Chest, the official thrift shop of WIXY's Gone Bananas, as he needed some clothes to take back to college with him. Anyway, going through the store, we saw an original Nintendo for sale. WIXYjr told me that some of the students at Hocking had Super Nintendos in their rooms. I then asked him if anyone had Atari 2600s there. He said he didn't know, but one of the ladies there said "We do" and showed me one behind the counter. They remarked that those old game systems are making a comeback and they were selling big on eBay. With all these gaming systems out, games on cell phones, and games on the Internet, it made me wonder out loud "Why can't Johnny read?"

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