Friday, March 30, 2007

Stop the insanity!

I've been getting very irritated at some of the posts at the Listening Party over the past couple of days. First you have JimOhioLottery(pick 3) thinking he's the Trivisonno of that particular venue, posting things that you would only think someone who was delirious would be posting. Then you have the real Mike Trivisonno spewing about all the imbeciles in the "chat room" and mentions Jim by name. You know one has to be hard up for content for a show on a 50,000 watt station when he wants to stir up the posters on an internet forum. Triv, if you can't do better than that, go home and play poker on the internet.

Along with Jim's posts come unsavory responses from those who want to egg him on. I'm all for first amendment rights, but this come along the lines of "yelling fire in a crowded theatre".

And when these asinine posts get more intense, people like newsnomore, Bizdecision, and others quit posting. Some of these folks are not only my friends, but they also have insights in the business having been there at one time themselves.

Good posts get buried in nonsense, and the attention is given to stupidity.

Feel free to comment but remember this: I have the ability to delete any comment that I feel is inappropiate. First amendment rights do not apply here. I am the dictator of this blog.

Update: The triv quote in question is during the Wednesday program 6:00 hour (hour 4) about 6 minutes into the hour on the podcast.


TheRealTruthDetector said...

Stop Whining

posting something interesting instead of whining like a wussy.

i happen to think that JimOhio123etc has the most insight into radio than anyone on that board and has the courage to speak the truth, always accompanied with wit, gentleness, candor, humor, dignity, class, and accuracy!

so instead of whining, post something on that board instead of good mornings and nonsense like that

74WIXYgrad said...

Thanks for reading my blog Jim.

JJK said...

Hey "Jim", thanks for posting. Wannabe. If you had any real talent in this industry, you would have a career in it. Plain and simple.

WZZP said...

I am taking a break from the Listening Group. I am not going to post on it for a while. I will still read it, but a break is needed...much like OMW. Look for me in the Brunswick or Television forums. Excellent post Cliff!

Jim is a racist!

infrared41 said...

Great post WIXY. I still stop by Listening Party but I hardly ever post. There's way too much BS and not nearly enough actual radio talk. What little radio talk there is centers almost exclusively on Triv or WTAM. I've watched Listening Party go from a great place to talk radio to pretty much a joke. It's sad.

Bizdecision said...

Good call. I haven't posted hardly anything on the "Listening Party" in a long time because the Triv talk is just old and boring. He eats on the air. He's fat and boring. He hates the traffic guy. He has a novice for Kim Mihalik's replacement who was also a novice herself. Blah-blah-blah. Same old, same old.

And then we get to read that Jim from Medina writes things like he wonders why he is still single and he writes that his posts are amazing and intelligent.

In short, JimMedina123 has made the "Listening Party"...



-and not worth reading.

JimMedina123 is still single because...

-he hasn't moved out of his mom's basement.

-minimum wage hasn't caught up with the stadard of living increase over the last couple of decades.

-the animals roaming around on the property have taken up too much of his time.

Memo to self: Brilliant analysis of a message board troll.

Tim Lones said...

Jim is controlling the Listening Party Forum-And he knows it. I have asked this before, but is there any way to have him permanently banned? It sad that he has you against him when you were the only one to somewhat defend him..Also..Thanks again for supporting my blog. I've a link to yours already.

Anonymous said...

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