Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A great preview of Spring

I noticed at about 6:40 this evening that the sign at the National City Bank in bee-utiful downtown Rittman said it was 68 degrees. I noticed that as I rode past on the WIXYcycle, my 2 wheeled, human powered, chosen mode of transportation this evening. Hopefully I will be on the WIXYcycle often in the coming months as I have to get rid of some excess baggage I've picked up of late.

Driving home from work, I had my window all the way down and it felt great. Once again, Mrs74WIXYgrad, and I discussed getting her a MrsWIXYcycle. I hope it happens, as it's easier to ride when you're with someone.

For the record, it's 7:30 as I type these words, and yes, I am now sore. C'mon, I'm 51, am overweight, have arthritis in my right knee, and the left one is not original equipment. But it's a real good sore.

I had to mention my evening exercise, as the Danemeister mentioned his morning constitutional in his blog today. And Danemeister was right when he said yesterday that he wasn't my best friend. That honor belongs to Mrs74WIXYgrad aka my wife, Kathy. But it makes me feel good that he gave me a congratulations on our anniversary.

I have Inside Edition on, and they are talking about Regis Philbin and his upcoming triple bypass surgery. Say a prayer that Regis won't be giving his "final answer" any time soon.


BoredOp0930 said...


Happy anniversary!!!!

I can only E-mail from work now, as my old computer finally joined the realm of recycled parts.

Maybe one of these days I can HAVE an anniversary.

Good to see you on the mend, too.

God bless you, my friend!


Mike Dane said...

Maybe not your BEST friend, but a good solid acquaintance. Maybe I'll
load the bike up some weekend and
head down that way for a ride to...
Hertzler's. Yeah!

Mike Dane said...

Hey Danny, what happened to your

BoredOp0930 said...


It was a combination of age, and too much smoking around it. When my IT guy took it apart, you should have seen the inside! Yuck!
And just think, my lungs probably look 1000 times worse!!

I do need to quit these things(cigarettes).

As an aside, are you going to send Q104 a tape and resume?

Mike Dane said...

No I hadn't even given it any
thought. The one I'd like to try
for is at WNIR, then I can flap
my yap and get paid. LOL
By the way is the IT guy going
to try and resurrect the computer
or are you going to get a newer

Mike Dane