Sunday, March 11, 2007

Pleasant surprise

This evening, when I went out for some sandwiches, I went to the Rittman Subway, which had recently had a change in ownership. I got there and was treated to a pleasant surprise. Good service and good food.

Let me explain. The previous ownership had left a bad reputation in the community. They weren't a good place to work, or so I had heard. They were also closed by the health department for violations.

I believe that more people hear about it when you have a bad experience, then when you have a good one. I like to be positive when I post about local businesses, so I will tell you that when I was there, that the food I got was fresh and it was tasty. The owner was there getting ready for a new promotion which starts tomorrow, so we exchanged pleasantries, as he was ringing up my order. Yes, the owner of the franchise was helping the counter help, as she had gotten suddenly busy.

If you are one of my Rittman readers who were turned off by former ownership, come back. You will enjoy the changes. If you live outside of Rittman, give them a visit. The Subway is located on N. Main Street, across from Rittman City Hall.

Oh, and by the way, how about that Rittman boys basketball team?

Personal to Tony Rizzo: Get a map, and while you're at it, get a better looking hair piece.

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Anonymous said...

The Rittman Boys did good. Just to note, the last time our 'boys' went to the Canton Field House to play this big game was in 1979. Sam Trogdon's (one of our leading players)dad played in that game, which we lost.
Also noting: 2 weeks from today the Rittman Marching Band will be performing at Universal Studios in Orlando. Will send pictures!!