Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Not supersized, but a big win

A big WIXY's Gone Bananas salute to the Rittman boys basketball team, as they drove through and beat the previously unbeaten McDonald Blue Devils yesterday in the regional tournament and advance to the elite 8.

Knowing how much the sports programs in Rittman have taken a beating in the recent past due to budget cuts, this accomplishment is nothing short of remarkable. Guys, you have done the whole town proud, so let me say that you deserve a break today.

And best of luck against Berlin Hiland on Friday as they will be going for the regional championship and for a berth in the state final four.


74WIXYgrad said...

This Is Mrs wixygrad. I just thought I would take this time to say hi. I hope cliff is having a wonderful day.
I Love you and you are also my best friend. And I had a wondrful aniversary.

Mike Dane said...

Well I just got a big smile
plastered all over my face and
a warm fuzzy feeling. Gonna
ruin my image. LOL
I am glad to hear that your
Anniversary was wonderful
Mrs. WIXY and congratulations.

Mike Dane

Tim Lones said...

Hi Cliff:
I caught some of the Hiland-Windham game on WIVM-52 in Canton..Hiland is going to be a tough opponent for Rittman..A little late (as usual) but congrats on the anniversary..Good to hear from you as well Mrs. WIXY

Tim Lones

74WIXYgrad said...

This is mrs wixygrad again, Mike warm fuzzys are good for a man every so often. Keeps them in touch with there feminine side. lol kathy