Saturday, March 03, 2007

Saturday notes

Hell is about to freeze over: WIXYjr is home for the weekend, and the WIXYjrmobile was in need of some minor repair. The driver side windshield wiper wasn't moving and the passenger side door could not be opened from the inside. I fixed both without going to a mechanic. Everybody at the ranch was shocked! As a mechanic, I make a good blogger.

March is beginning better than February, and that's a good thing. Before we knowing it, spring will be here and hopefully the streets of Rittman will be graced by the sight if me in my bicycle.

Springing foreword will be three weeks early this year. That's right. Remember to set your clocks ahead next Saturday night. Brings back memories of January 1974 when, by proclamation of President Nixon, we went to Daylight Savings Time on January 6. This was to try to save energy during the Arab oil embargo, when the price of gasoline soared to above 50 cents a gallon. On a somewhat related note, I've been told that if the price of gas was inflation adjusted from the 1950's to today, we would be paying quite a bit more for it than what we do now.

But speaking of Nixons, hopefully we can better memories from the Nixon on our right, as in Trot, than from the Nixon on our upper left, as in Richard. Maybe after everything is said and done, when Northeast Ohioans hear the name Nixon we will think Gateway, instead of Watergate.

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